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Progressive Royals

  • What members of the Royal Family are you holding?
  • Hit a Royal with Particular Combo and Win
  • Official Rules



Good Beat Single Table Jackpot

  • Starting at $5,000
  • Aces Full of 10s or better beat by Quads or better
  • Player having aces full must play both cards in their hand.
  • One of them must be an ace.
  • Players having quads must hold a pocket pair as part of the quads.
  • Official Rules



Field Goal Frenzy

  • Earn a drawing ticket with any full house or better
  • Pick a drawing drum for any of 8 teams playing on Sunday or Monday
  • Field Goal = $100 in casino chips
  • Winning Field Goal = $200 in casino chips
  • Winning Team = $250 in casino chips
  • Official Rules



Quads or Better Mystery Envelopes

  • During Texas Hold 'Em, if a player gets a hand of four of a kind or better on the flop, turn or river player he will pick a mystery envelope containing $25 - $1,000
  • Official Rules



Golden Goals

  • When the Knights score a goal, 1 random player will receive $100 in casino chips!
  • Official Rules



Lucky Duckies

  • Flop four deuces, win $2,222!
  • Everyone else at the table wins $22!
  • Turn four deuces, win $222
  • River four deuces, win $100
  • Official Rules



Quad Floppers

  • Flop four of a kind holding a pocket pair and win $500!
  • Official Rules